Program Management

Based on the priorities of your program, Hay’s is more than capable in managing product workflow per your schedule requirements and keeping you informed as required through completion.

High Reliability Assembly System

Our reliability is unsurpassed in the industry.

Planning and production techniques for weaponry are also applied to commercial and industrial systems.

 Our versatility enables us to produce and deliver any unit with wires and connecting hardware of any size within days if needed.  Our quality control systems coordinate material needs, production planning process, inspection and test to meet the following standards:

ISO/IEC 17021-1 and AS9100.


Tooling Capability

Special tooling requirements are always met when needed, no  matter how complex or simple  the routing and harness design.  At Hay’s Manufacturing, our policy of investing in our customer-partners creates a culture of success for all.

Hay’s designs and produces all manufacturing tools, jigs and mating component assemblies to meet strict FOD controls. 100% production control assures that we always meet customer specifications and quality requirements.

We consistently provide superior components and assemblies that not only meet but exceed the most stringent industry standards.

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